Logistic Service

Parlogis´ mission is to serve our customers by solving their complex supply chains with a comprehensive logistical service. Parlogis aims to fulfill the logistic needs of a client to enable them to place greater focus on commercialisation, efficiency and better results with their supplier.

The solutions Parlogis offers their clients in distribution are specially designed to meet their logistical needs. Every client has an individual logisitic consultant assigned to them whose role is to manage the products within that relationship. In all cases Parlogis stocks products in the warehouse, takes orders from buyers, distributes the products and collects invoices. In addition, Parlogis is also able to handle stock management and procurement if required.

Parlogis provides a range of methods for the placement of orders, including EDI and a 24/7 emergency phone line. Daily deliveries to hospitals and pharmacies (including a special 2 hour express delivery service) are performed with an accuracy rate surpassing 99.9%.

Parlogis´ primary role is to be a partner in logistics for companies wishing to market and distribute their products in Iceland. Parlogis executes supplier/buyer contracts on behalf of companies, takes orders from customers, invoices the product and distributes to the customer. Parlogis operates a quality system conforming to ISO 9001, GMP and GDP, with all internal processes carried out in accordance with the quality manual and a valitated information system.

The values of Parlogis employees are:

  • Dependency
  • Pragmatic
  • Enjoyment