About Parlogis

Parlogis is a leading Logistic Service Provider for the Icelandic healthcare and research sector.  Parlogis offers a wide range of logistic services such as stock management, procurement, import, customs clearance, storage, relabelling, order taking, picking, distribution, invoicing and collections. Service solutions are always tailor made for each distribution client based on their needs. 

The company offers daily distribution to pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare centers, supermarkets, laboratories, specialists and other buyers. Parlogis handles around 2000 buying customers a year with approximately 450 orders per day. Parlogis has an experienced and specialised work force of 57 employees who are able to manage a high proportion of the supply-chain in terms of information, goods and money.    


Parlogis handles approximately 14,000 active articles from 500 suppliers of medicine, healthcare products, research material, chemicals, vitamins, cosmetics and consumer goods in a 3,400 m2 modern warehouse in Reykjavik. Product handling is performed by barcodes and hand held computers. in order to ensure high levels of accuracy.

We operate using Axapta software which supports high level of efficiency and reliability. Parlogis offers advanced computer links to customers via the internet both for distribution clients and buyers.

Parlogis operates to high quality standards, working according to ISO 9001, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and uses its own validated information system.

The name Parlogis derives from the phrase ´Partner in Logistics´ which describes the companies role.